MFF is one of a kind.

Our mission is to create a space where writers and artists can promote their work and build connections. We are a team dedicated to helping individuals continue making. We provide extensive resources, set up features, host giveaways, and find job opportunities with leading industry organizations. In addition, we also set up community-based projects that bring people together. 

What is a feature?

Features on MFF are personalized pages designed to celebrate an individual's work. For more information on setting up a feature, creators may visit the literary, makers, or art features tab in the menu. 

How does MFF create opportunities?

MFF is constantly searching for new commissions and job opportunities. We reach out to a wide variety of organizations such as publishing houses, studios, art galleries, multimedia performance venues, and much more. The idea is to connect creator to supporter. We believe that every creative person deserves a platform to get the support they need while expanding their creative network. 

Does MFF charge for any of their services?

There is NO submission fee or charges associated with our features or support services. There are, however, fees associated with special events such as pop-up markets, etc.