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Born and raised in Brazil, Luiza is a visual artist living in Toronto. She brings her vibrant and colourful roots into her artwork and creates scenarios around the theme of feminism and natural elements. She uses her artistic skills to connect with herself and express her ideas and feelings of the moment. Her creative tools range all the way from digital illustration, paintings to embroidery. Luiza is also an architect and design strategist, while she's not creating her own art pieces, she is designing spaces and working on 3D models.

Tropical Leaves 1

The practice of art is a form of connecting with the present moment. For that reason, I believe that making art is like a meditative process, where we connect with our true selves. I love experimenting with different materials and textures, and I'm constantly looking for new ways to express ideas and feelings through visuals. Recently I've been exploring the world of animations and block printing.

Nature Artwork
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Artwork by Luiza Albertini

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