art features

We accept submissions for all art forms; however, we have set specific guidelines for the following;

  • photography 

  • illustration, drawings, sketches, paintings, watercolor

  • 3D, game design


MFF is also working hard to make connections with art galleries and studios to help support our artists. 


Please submit to only one genre at a time, and await a reply before submitting again. 

Please send us a bio. Tell us about yourself and your current projects. Please note that your bio will be posted along with your feature, so do not disclose any personal information you do not wish to share with the general public. Please send us a paragraph of your creative process. What kind of material do you use? What inspires you? Do you have a favorite artist? 

You can also send us any links to social media, website, upcoming gallery events, etc.




You may submit up to ten photos unless photos are part of a collection, in which case you may submit the entire collection as long as it does not exceed fifteen photos. 

To ensure the best resolution quality, we recommend submitting images that are between 1500 and 2500 pixels. Images that do not fit these guidelines may appear blurry online. 

In your cover letter, please list the title of each photo (or collection title) and provide a short description of the images.

illustrations, drawings, sketches, paintings, watercolor (etc.)

You may submit up to ten pieces of art.

Please indicate the title of each sketch and what drawing materials you used.

3D, game design

You may submit up to four - 3D design concepts or one complete game design (should include layouts of characters, landscape, and other graphics associated with the game. Please include a short description of the game.) You may submit to this category in either JPG, video, or animation compatible with our platform; however, we must test out the graphics before confirming a feature. 

If you are ready to submit your work, please send your submission to