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Marysa is a creative writer located in Montreal, Quebec. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University. She majored in  Western Society and Cultural Studies with the Liberal Arts college. She writes primarily poetry and short stories. Her thematic focus centers around the body, soul, and spirit connection, philosophy, coming of age, etc. Marysa desires for her craft to inspire growth in self and others, to encourage living an integrated and mindful life. From a young age, she was a lover of words. She would journal daily and process her thoughts. As she wrote, she grew to understand herself and uncover her aspirations. Marysa believes that words have the power to inspire, encourage change, and bring hope. If she is not writing, you can find her sitting in a park with a good book or chatting away with her husband or a friend. Marysa hopes her writing offers you a moment of peace and pause during your day or evening.


poems by
Marysa Bonnema

A Glimmer of Light


The dark sky,  

hugged by the glimmer of light 

the new dawn like fresh dew, 

sprinkled on summer grass  

whispers, be still  

and consider each day  

as a journey  

with the eagerness to explore 

the sole intention,  

to take notice  

and know 

The Story behind your Words  

Your voice was made to be heard 

and to not hide among the noise 

the echo of your words  

inspired and learned  

move swiftly like a song bird 

a sweet melody to be heard  

with a message to be transferred 

leaving even a lonely heart affirmed 

your voice was made to be heard 

to circulate and stir  

among the unknowns confirmed 

by the ones who emerge  

willing to seek and converse to learn 

that your voice was made to be heard 


She lost sight of herself that morning 

As her reflection portrayed a stranger 

Had she known how to protect her heart 

She would have held it safe in her hands 

Her fingers enclosed  

Creating a safe haven for her heart to rest  

There, there, heart, you are safe now 

Yet, there she sat enveloped and bare 

Unsafe. Unknown. Unseen.  

How fragile I am  

She thought  

How easily shattered I am  

She realized  

Why do I let go?  

Why do I not hold on?  

She questioned  

Her heart remained exposed that afternoon 

Unguarded. Untamed, Free.  

The entangled thoughts rang through her mind 

Yet, there was a whisper which spoke louder  

And louder the whisper grew  

Why do you hide from me?  

I belong to you.  

Her heart whispered back to her that evening 


Around and around  

Her bare feet tickled by the prickly green grass beneath her  

The wind stroked her floral skirt that followed her careless movements 

Swirling and Swirling  

She was led by the wind and there was certainly no one else she aspired to follow 

Her arms held high and hand turned outward, I can reach higher 

Earnestly, she pressed her weight down on her toes  

On tippy toes now, I will make it  

twirling and twirling  

Expectations and expectations  

Her heart imprisoned by the relentless clutter surrounding its three corners 

Every thought that streamed through her mind flooded her consciousness 

Pressure and pressure  

She was lost in her unbelief and wounded by her questioning  

Had she not confirmed? Would she still be twirling? I can reach higher 

Molded and shaped by the overarching voice of her environment 

Carried away now, I will make it  

Ashamed and Ashamed  

Repress and repress  

She chose to run in the opposite direction of the wind  

Her feet no longer following and carelessly in step with its movement 

Perfection and perfection  

Against the wind is where she found herself, as she pushed herself away 

She could no longer trust the One who once carried her so gently, I can reach higher 

Her arms now lay wrapped around her waist, aspiring ultimately to hide from herself 

Heavy hearted now, I will make it  

Confined and confined 

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