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Charlie Bourdeau

Charlie Bourdeau is a freelance illustrator with queer, feminist, sex-positive, and inclusive values. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, and gravitates around femme-queer-owned safe spaces. As a full-time artist, she also collaborates with LGBTQ+ organisms to create engaging visuals and spread awareness in the community.

Charlie's art is inspired by her own self-growth and deconstruction of the normative & patriarchal society. She works digitally and uses pastel colors to create a visual irony between the 'feminine' stereotype (pink, soft, sweet...) and the taboos she wants to break down.


One of her main motivations is the beautiful complexity of the human body and social interactions, especially with women and queer folks. When she's not creating, you could find Charlie at a pop-up art market and get stickers, mugs, prints, and more stuff to encourage her. She loves to know that her art finds forever homes to decorate.


Check out more of Bourdeau's work on her Instagram

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Illustrations by Charlie Bourdeau

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