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Melanie Boychuk is a self-taught, Montreal- based artist. She enjoys spending her spare time creating and experimenting with art. Over the past year, art has especially become important for her because it is a way to escape negative thoughts and focus positive energy on something else. Art, to Melanie, is an outlet for stress and anxiety. 

Melanie has been drawing and doodling since elementary school, and over the years, she has developed her unique style with patience and tons of practice. Through art, she has found a voice. 

"I'm inspired by so many different things - fashion magazines, especially editorials, have always been a huge inspiration when it comes to the women I draw. I tend to buy way too many magazines and especially love picking up a bunch whenever I can travel (it's been a while!) In general, Spring, summer, and fall inspire me - Spring with all the greenery and beautiful flowers, summer with its sunsets and new flowers replacing those from the Spring and fall with its warm and beautiful color palette. I live in a city where I get to experience all four seasons. Sometimes a color I see when I'm out and about will inspire me to create something in that hue. Living in Montreal, we have some gorgeous street art in really great colors, so sometimes I like walking around taking pictures of that."

Flower Scarf.jpg

Creative Process:


"In terms of my creative process, it's exceptionally unplanned and spontaneous the older I get. I will be at work and randomly get an idea for something I want to make when I get home - I'll be on a long walk (another way I enjoy clearing my head), and something will inspire me. I often go through phases where I work with the same mediums for a few weeks and then switch to something different. When I discovered alcohol inks, I pretty much abandoned drawing for a while!


Depending on how creative I'm feeling, I sometimes work on multiple pieces at once, either in the same medium or different ones. Other times, I am hyper-focused on finishing one specific piece. I usually do research, and I always plan my work once I begin to transfer my idea to paper - only alcohol ink allows me to be spontaneous.



I love working at my desk looking out the window, but when I draw digitally, I can draw pretty much anywhere - outside being my place of choice! My two cats keep me company when I work on my art."


Melanie's work is made up mainly of fashion illustrations, dreamy abstract paintings, and those inspired by plants and flowers. She works with pencils, colored pencils, alcohol ink and alcohol markers, India ink, watercolor, gouache, paper, stickers, washi tape. She will pretty much experiment with anything she can find!


Ink Line

Artwork by Melanie Boychuk

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