Avery Bursey

Avery Bursey is a multi-medium artist and illustrator, originally from a small town outside of Ottawa. Avery studied illustration at OCAD University and is now based in Toronto. Being raised around nature at a young age is a recurring inspiration that can be found in her work. Additionally, an interest in surrealism found in dreams and the subconscious, as well as medieval illustration. All of these aspects come together to create strange little worlds, that feature surreal narratives and characters inspired by life and relationships around her. With a love of storytelling, Avery would love to work more on illustrated narratives and books. 

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Creative Process:

I would say my creative process is less of a methodical thought-out step by step plan, and more so a reaction to whatever things are going on in my environment at the time. My worry for the environment, people around me and relationships, are all recurring themes I find expressed. These are all often presented by recurring characters and symbols that I use until I am tired of them, or I find new and better things in my life to create little narratives around. I am working on broadening the perspective of my work, but I think it's a natural thing to be a bit stuck in your own head and have problems.

I often look at what the environment around me is doing, the seasons, the weather, or its state. A constant in my process is that my work usually starts traditionally on paper. From there I like to focus on the textures and intricacies in an analogue medium, and how I can carry those over to digital if I choose to finish a piece that way. 

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Artwork by Avery Bursey