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Laura Childs

Laura, a 26-year-old artist originally from Paris, has been based in Montreal for the past three years with her husband, creating under the pseudonym Laura Childs. She was immersed in the world of art thanks to the inspiring influence of her grandmother, who initiated her into painting from a young age. After starting as a graphic designer, she transitioned into motion design and videography, where she currently thrives on a full-time basis.

"While my professional work fulfills my creative aspirations, my passion for drawing, particularly scenes from everyday life, persists. Encouraged by my husband, I decided to share my illustrations on social media. Each of my creations becomes a declaration of love, exploring the intimate aspects of my relationship with my husband, celebrating self-love, and honouring the beauty of the female body."

"Through my artistic expression, I strive to capture the poetry and strength of intimate moments in daily life, whether they are mine or those of other women. My art thus becomes a means of celebrating life, shedding light on the intimacy and beauty that reside in the seemingly simple."

My creative process revolves around several distinct steps:

I draw inspiration from the intimacy shared with my husband, mentally capturing precious moments that have marked our life together, evoking a deep sense of joy. Similarly, I focus on representing causes close to my heart, such as the fight against breast cancer. My creations exclusively depict impactful moments in life.

Reflection on the scene to be illustrated is crucial. Is it a single scene or a combination of several moments? This decision guides the choice of the artistic technique I will apply.

To create a visual reference, I either take photos myself, featuring my husband, myself, or the moment I want to immortalize, or I find references on Pinterest. This approach guides me, inspiring me while ensuring that I maintain proper proportions and perspectives.

The process continues with the development of an initial sketch, serving as the foundation for the final drawing that I will refine later.

In my illustrations, I pay special attention to creating smooth curves, ensuring a harmonious representation of body shapes.

Leveraging the capabilities of modern software, I prioritize adding colours at the end of the process. After outlining the lines, I select colours, usually opting for striking hues that enhance the overall artwork.​

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