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Additional Resources for Communities

MFF is constantly striving to make our network inclusive and accessible to everyone. Here we have provided an extended list of resources for the BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ + communities as well as those with disabilities. 


Community Based Opportunities

1. Call for Community Projects - Fierté Montréal - NEW

To promote the development of 2SLGBTQIA+ community initiatives at the provincial level before and during the Fierté Montréal Festival. / Funded projects can be held between Monday, May 15, 2023 and Sunday, August 13, 2023, inclusively. This intends to accommodate actual community resources and projects, as well to enhance the visibility that Fierté Montréal brings to each initiative while giving organizations and community groups the option to lighten their workload during the week of the festival in August."

2. Turning Heads - Queer Collective - NEW

"Queer Collective & EVIO Beauty have teamed up to present “Turning Heads Vol. II”. A short film exploring queer expression through makeup. This project aims to tell our REAL stories & reclaim makeup as a genderless tool of self-expression. Participants will receive a personalized EVIO Giftbag valued at over $400!

2SLGBTQ +   (Focused Organizations)

1. Queer Collective
"Queer Collective is a Toronto-based non-profit organization committed to creating accurate & positive representation for every subgroup of the LGBTQ2S+ Community with an emphasis on uplifting local queer artists." - QC


2. Project 10 
"Project 10 is a meeting place and advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, queer, trans, two-spirit, and questioning youth in Montréal, QC." - Project 10


3. ACT Montreal ( Agir Montreal) 

"AGIR Montréal (LGBTQIA+ Action with Immigrants and Refugees) is an independent non-profit organization, by and for the LGBTQIA+ migrant community living in Montreal." - Agir


"QMUNITY is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. We provide a safer space for 2SLGBTQIA+ people and their allies to fully self-express while feeling welcome and included. Our building serves as a catalyst for community initiatives and collective strength."

5. Egale - NEW

"To improve the lives of 2SLGBTQI people in Canada and to enhance the global response to 2SLGBTQI issues. Egale will achieve this by informing public policy, inspiring cultural change, and promoting human rights and inclusion through research, education, awareness and legal advocacy. "

6. Calgary Queer Arts Society - NEW 

"Calgary Queer Arts Society, formerly known as Fairy Tales Presentation Society, is a nonprofit organization located in Calgary, Alberta that exists to give voice to queer people and their stories. Historically, LGBTQ2A+ individuals have been suppressed, deprived of power, misrepresented and often overlooked by institutional support systems. We are committed to transforming this reality and will continue to work passionately towards an inclusive future for all people."

BIPOC (Focused Organizations) 

1. Nia Center

"Nia Centre for the Arts is a Toronto-based charitable organization that supports, showcases, and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the Afro-Diaspora." - Nia Center

2. Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
"The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) is a national arts service organization claiming space for all Indigenous performing artists." - IPAA


3. Native Women in the Arts
"Native Women in the Arts (NWIA) is one of the  leading arts organizations in Canada for Indigenous women and other gender marginalized Indigenous artists working at the intersection of customary and contemporary practices." - NIWA


4. Montreal Indigenous Community Network
"The Montreal Indigenous community NETWORK supports the ecosystem of individuals and groups committed to improving the quality of life of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities living in the greater Montreal area." - Montreal Indigenous Community Network

5. La Guilde 1906  
"The Guild, a non-profit organization since 1906, is committed to supporting and encouraging Inuit, First Nations, and fine craft artists to ensure the viability of their practices." - The Guilde 1906 



1. Tangled Art + Disability
"Tangled Art + Disability is dedicated to connecting professional and emerging artists, the arts community, and a diverse public through creative passion and artistic excellence. Our mission is to support Disabled, d/Deaf, chronically ill, neurodiverse, k/crip, Mad, sick & spoonie artists; to cultivate Disability Arts in Canada, and to increase opportunities for everyone to participate in the arts." - Tangled Art + Disability

2. dis assembly 

" The A Collective exists as a creative collaborative space where relation is at the core of study for the purpose of shifting disability and inclusion policy in Canada. We utilize arts-based methods for creative works inventing with neurodiversity... We provide social groups, reading groups, and alternative learning strategies informed by autistic people." - dis assembly

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