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Sierra Duffey

Sierra Duffey is a queer writer and photographer in Montreal, Quebec. Through sassy poetry and colourful  photographs, Sierra explores topics such as psychology, relationships, cults and nature. Sierra strives to create  connection through art and writing, which she views as a spiritual practice and a form of community-building.  She is the author of Lemon Drop Lyrics, a zesty chapbook with Montreal's Cactus Press. Her work has also  been published in PACE Magazine, Lantern Magazine, flo. and displayed at the School of Photographic Arts  Ottawa (SPAO) and the Morrin Centre of Québec.


I was always interested in how different art forms intertwine and inform each other, however it’s only recently  I’ve started calling myself a multidisciplinary artist.  

I’ve been a creative soul for as long as I can remember. I started my first diary at the age of 7, crafted with my  mum growing up, and got my first film camera at the age of 10. For me, art is a lifelong practice, a way of  living and seeing the world around me. It is also an activity that is necessary to feel like a complete person.  

Over the years, I focused mainly on writing and photography, but at the start of the pandemic I returned to  more tangible crafts and art forms such as jewelry making, watercolours, sketching and even refinishing  furniture and woodwork. My latest endeavours have been exploring sculpture, candle making and painting  textured canvases with wax.  

Where I once separated my different forms of art, I am now seeing them as more connected. Now I am  experimenting with putting unusual combinations together. Sculptures and wax, photography mixed with  painting, poetry mixed with performance and dance.  

My multidisciplinary talents have supported me well in my day-to-day career, my fitness and my relationships  with others. There’s no reason art needs to be done in a silo either.  

For me, mixing many pieces together is where the spirituality comes in. It is a form of curiosity and creativity,  letting things flow in ways we don’t always expect, surrendering to the process. The more I surrender to the  process and surround myself with the randomness of nature and life, the more my art sings.  

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