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Youssef Farhi is a young artist of 28 years. Farhi has always been fascinated by design, and the visual arts whether in movies, music, video games, posters (basketball) and branding clothes.


"I have a lot to offer and I would like to share my passion and creativity with as many people as possible."

"My creative process goes along the ways of browsing through Instagram, Behance, Dribbble and many other platforms where artists share their artworks. I do get inspired a lot by movie posters and sports graphics for Match Of Day for example. I tend to work with warm colors, and beautiful landscapes of worlds that are completely created from my mind. I also work alongside my emotions, and if I have messages to share, or pass along, I will do so by writing a caption about those. I always try to innovate and do new things but it is not easy. I am thinking of possibly integrating 3D into my work and posting 3D collages.

Through my creative process, I am thinking of sharing my talent and the beauty of the worlds that I create. If some of those creations help someone transport themselves in their imagination, why not?"

Artwork by Youssef Farhi 

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