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Riwan is a multidisciplinary artist who arrived in Montreal 11 years ago, from France. Riwan studied communications, and marketing, and then eventually went into video games. For a while, he worked as a graphic designer in a toy company and then moved on to work in the video game industry. Riwan rediscovered his passion for drawing when University abruptly stopped for several months in 2012 during the students' protest in Quebec.  


 "And it (drawing) never left me after that. The feedback I got from posting my drawings on social media fueled me to continue for a bit. I got a few business inquiries and it got bigger like that."

Creative Process:

Riwan's creative process begins with drawing an idea from the mind. 

" I'm very much inspired by other artists. Music inspires me a lot too. I tend to use my iPad, or my Moleskine and sketch, and if I believe in what I'm sketching I'll spend more time on the piece until I'm either happy with it or just tired of working on it!" 

Artwork by Riwan Fezzoua

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