1. Conseil des Arts de Montreal

"Founded in 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports, and recognizes excellence in the professional creation, production, and dissemination of the arts. To remain in tune with the organizations and collectives it serves, the Conseil relies on its knowledge of the communities, its innovative skills, and its ability to bring the city’s artists and financial partners together." - Conseil des Arts de Montreal 

2. Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec

The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) invests in the imagination and celebrates the successes of those who create memorable works, shape Québec’s cultural identity, and make it shine. With a view to equitable, sustainable artistic development, the CALQ supports creation, experimentation, and production in the arts and literature in all regions of Québec and promotes dissemination in Québec, Canada, and abroad." - Conseil des arts et des letters du Quebec 

3. Canada Council for the Arts

We're proud to be Canada’s public arts funder. We champion and invest in artistic excellence through our grants, services, prizes, and payments to Canadian artists and arts organizations. - Canada Council for the Arts 

4. Serge-Lemoyne Fund 

The Serge-Lemoyne Fund was created to help professional artists who derive most of their income from a visual arts activity as self-employed workers and who can demonstrate that they are living in a crisis situation. This is emergency financial support, one-off assistance with the aim of giving these artists in need the necessary respite to resume their creative activities." - RAAV

5. The Fresh Pages Initiative: Workshop Scholarships for Underrepresented Writers 

"Each term, QWF offers four full scholarships to aspiring writers and playwrights who are Indigenous, Black, or persons of colour. " - QWF

6. Needs-based Workshop Scholarships  

"QWF offers an additional four full scholarships each term to participants who would not be able to attend without financial support." - QWF

7. Writers' Trust of Canada - New Resource

"We celebrate and encourage our storytellers throughout the arc of their careers, enabling them to stand at the forefront of Canadian culture." - WTC