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Giostino Giotezio is a director, digital artist, entrepreneur, and NFT creator and collector.

"I'm a wanderer in search of life's experiences, using those experiences to drive myself and art forward in the endless search for Paradise."

"It's less of a process and more of a 'seizing of the moment. Often cloudy-minded and having difficulty focusing - my ideas for my pieces pop into my head spontaneously. Sometimes from a dream."

Creative Process:


"Over the years of creating art, I've learned to not dwell on perfection. Art doesn't have to be anything specific, so trying to forever perfect something becomes detrimental to your time and health. Things can always get better, but can never be perfect to every beholder in the world. I like to have fun with my work, break the rules and make people feel something interesting. I tend to stay in the realms of retro technology, nature, sex, and dreamlike surrealism when bringing my pieces to life. At times, I like to stray from my sobriety when I work on a piece. It's an odd thing to just say, I know - but for me, that's a part of my 'process. It helps my mind unchain itself from the standards and mundaneness we're forced to surround ourselves with. Sometimes the final product is absolutely nothing like my original idea, and I love that."

Check out more of Giostino's work on NFT platforms
OpenSea and Foundation.

Digital Art by Giostino Giotezio

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