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Liz Hanisch


Liz Hanisch is a German/Canadian artist based in Montreal. Her work explores colourful, phantasmagorical realms and draws inspiration from pop surrealism, radical softness and the eclectic world of Harajuku fashion. Liz views her art as both an introspective method of self-soothing as well as a way to connect with others and attempt to make our shared reality a little better by drawing pretty things into existence.  Liz is currently working on an illustrated poetry zine titled Sugar Rush.

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creative process

Regarding my creative process, I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me, ranging from my travels, and my passion for Harajuku fashion to the art I consume and my wandering daydreams.


Furthermore, my illustrations are closely linked to my writing, since a lot of my visual artworks are inspired by the poetry I write and vice versa, An illustration can inspire me to write. 


In terms of materials, I mainly do digital illustrations or use ink-based markers to create my colourful pieces. 

artwork by liz hanisch

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