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Ophélie Henrard

Ophélie Henrard is a graphic designer and illustrator from Montréal. I come from a creative family and naturally followed in their footstep. Learning dance, music, and visual arts are part of the artist that I am today. My work is colorful and lively and is an homage to people from my beautiful community. 

"I create art both manually and digitally, but my old prismacolor pencils are still my favorite. I’m immensely inspired by the everyday life in my neighborhood, where people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds grow together. I love to create slices of everyday life by observing people at the local café, bus stop, or flower shop and try to translate their souls into an illustration. If you walk around my neighborhood, you might even recognize someone from my drawings!"

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Illustrations by Ophélie Henrard

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