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Tiohtià:ke (Montreal)-based Chinese-American multi-disciplinary artist, Allegra Hu (they/them), was raised in Boston. They have been honing their artistic style and experimenting with various mediums for several years. Allegra has a background in digital art and game design and blends these skills with their visual art and budding jewelry-making practices. Allegra's gradual exploration into mixed media visual art has allowed them to experiment with themes surrounding the surrealism of binaries, sexuality, gender identity, and diasporic community. 

Necklace for Bromley.png

The natural beauty of colors, textures, movement, and shapes of the natural world has always enthralled me. I am fascinated by the allure and cohesiveness stemming from collective existence, while also examining the intricacies of each individual's complexity. My creative process is rooted in my lived experiences living outside binaries while my subject matter lies in recontextualizing nature and corporeal elements, scrutinizing their details by zooming in or introducing them to surreal realms in the composition. 

"I have an intimate connection with the in-between that allows me to translate the subtleties of nature into colorful expressions of the Chinese diaspora and Queer experience. I employ a variety of artistic styles in my work including collage, surrealism, and abstract expressionism which have led me towards mediums like Photoshop, acrylic paint, pastels, oil paint, and mixing various materials to achieve my vision. I also make jewelry out of thrifted and/or ethically sourced materials. I enjoy the challenge of taking apart old things and getting to experiment with color combinations and techniques."

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