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Jori was raised in a community circus on a small island in British Columbia. Running away to join the "real world," the artist now splits time between Canada, and the foothills of Northern California. Spending time living in a tiny house in a meadow, with her partner, and thousands of dolls.

Jori is an award-winning visual storyteller working with found objects and textiles, creating wearable and sculptural art.

As a personal mission to make the artistic practice sustainable, the artist works with entirely secondhand, donated and found objects. Finding materials that have more life in them, and keeping them out of landfills. 

The works explore mythology and personal adornment. They also speak to the representations of gender, body and self, and how we are connected and disconnected from the natural world. The pieces are meticulously handcrafted, over the course of months and sometimes years. The finished pieces come "alive," (much in the way referenced by "the velveteen rabbit," as things that are loved, handled, and travelled, tend to become alive.)

Jori has a background in live performance and film, as well as costuming.

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