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Sarah Kakebeeke studied at Concordia University in Political Science but spent most of her free time behind a handy cam, documenting the lives of the people and world around her. By nature, she was inspired by the stories of others, she used film and photography to immortalize the mundane moments that can be forgotten and lost in the past.

Creative Process:


After taking a long hiatus to find her footing she recently began using an old Pentax Spotmatic. She discovered the world of analog photography and the microcosm of film photographers around the world who candidly shared their knowledge and inspired her. 

This new generation of photographers has injected new life into an abandoned form of storytelling and this movement has awoken her way of seeing things and her need to tell a story through images of the overlooked and left behind.


Sarah is currently based in Montreal but spent most of her formative years in the Eastern Townships.

Photography by Sarah Kakebeeke

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