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Che Ree Kwon is a visual artist who has a passion for contemporary art. She was born and raised in South Korea where she majored in painting and graduated with a master’s degree. She has been working as a curator in South Korea and now she lives and works in Toronto after immigrating to Canada. She works with shape, colour, and space both in a traditional way and via digital media. Most of her hand-painted artworks are oil colours, acrylic colours, and mixed media on canvases, wood panels, and papers.

Sandbox No.1_30x30in_mixed media on canvas_2021_Che Ree Kwon.jpg

Creative Process:


During the pandemic, I started to contain my memories of the city and natural scenery seen from a distance in my painting. The emotions from the memories seem to stay for a moment and disappear so I tried to express my emotions on a canvas to remember what I was feeling during that moment. The sceneries passing by me always give me a happy expectation that something new and enjoyable will happen. Overgrown plants, secluded parks, and empty playgrounds seem to establish a small wish for peaceful growth. The impression of the light and color in the scenery becomes a motive for me to design the new world that I want to explore. I hope to share my memories and feelings and take you to the world filtered by my imagination. My paintings contain the stories of traveling between my memories and imagination. It also contains the message of wishing that various living things, cultures, and values in our society all harmonize just as everything that blooms in nature is different but harmonious. It is more like looking into the world through my own filter and finding the beauty in this puzzled world in my own way.

Art by Che Ree Kwon

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