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Boîte de design et d'art is a Montreal-based brand, founded by Claudie Lamarre in 2018, that also acts as a service platform for different disciplines such as art, graphic design, and illustrations. While Claudie has a background in interior architecture and design, she decided to explore visual arts since it allows her more freedom and creativity.

"My approach is minimalist. Throughout a style that is pure, simple, and light, I try to share my views on subjects and modern issues such as sexuality, feminism, equality, environment, consumption, social media, politics, and more. Sometimes curious, controversial, and provocative, my ideas turn around themes that reflect my lifestyle and my interests; surfing, skating, 70’s culture, traveling, and road trips. My creative process is often just about me fantasizing on a lifestyle by the waves and the mountains, while I am listening to some old rock."


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