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Arianne, a 21-year-old artist, has harbored a profound passion for art since her earliest memories, initially kindled by her fascination with Tintin's comic book adventures. Her artistic journey took a pivotal turn at the age of 13 when she stumbled upon the world of illustration on Pinterest, forever altering her perspective on the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. After three transformative years in Dawson College's illustration program, she embarked on her professional career in a Montreal web company, where her creative flame gradually dwindled. Encouraged by her perceptive boss, she ventured into opening an online shop, dedicating it to her true loves—illustrations of flora intertwined with the elegance of the female form, reigniting her artistic fervor and allowing her to align her professional life with her creative aspirations. 

In her artistic practice, Arianne's creative process unfolds with a delightful spontaneity. Whenever inspiration strikes, a clear vision emerges in her mind, filling her with an infectious enthusiasm. Seizing any available moment, she wields her iPad to bring her ideas to life through initial sketches, frequently resulting in charming portrayals of young women adorned with her favorite botanical companions, often invoking a lighthearted chuckle. Following the sketching phase, she meticulously outlines her work and adds a vibrant spectrum of colors to her pieces, her fondness for complementary color schemes ever-present. In moments of creative pause, Pinterest serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Her color palette gracefully transitions between lush greens and soft pinkish tones. Once colors are established, she introduces multiply layers to introduce depth with shadows, and overlays for the finishing touch of luminance and highlights. These meticulous steps culminate in the completion of her artwork, often finding its final form as a sticker, courtesy of her trusty Cricut machine, adding yet another dimension to her creative journey. 

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