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With a BFA in Studio Arts and Psychology, Jennifer is continuing her graduate studies at Concordia University as an MA in Creative Arts Therapies (Art Therapy) candidate. She has also recently completed a GrCert in Play Therapy and hopes to use art-making and play as accessible media for children and youth to work through mental illnesses and trauma in clinical and community settings.


With inspiration from personal struggles, Jennifer strives to tell personal stories through her artwork. Jennifer's art practice is very personal and embodies her own life experiences; she uses this as a way of opening up a dialogue for conversations about mental illness. The goal of her work is to connect with the audience on a personal level and make them not feel alone or ashamed of their own struggles. This passion for sharing her story through her art has sparked a strong interest in expressive arts therapy and the effect it has on those who suffer from mental illnesses.

As a graphic designer with a fine arts background in painting and drawing, Jennifer also enjoys combining traditional work with digital work, often working with a mixed-media approach.

Outside of her art practice, Jennifer loves throwback music from the 2000s, autumn, reading, working out, knitting, cozy cabins, and horror movies.

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