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Alexandra Levasseur was born in Shawinigan in 1982. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from UCR, Costa Rica (2006), a post-graduate in Illustration from EINA, Barcelona (2008), and a major in film animation from Concordia University, Montreal (2014). Since 2008, her paintings and films have been exhibited worldwide. She lives and works in Montreal.


Creative Process.


"Through painting, sculpture and animated films, I illustrate an ideal relationship between humans and nature. My work is inspired by Physics, Biology and Mythology, to expose the surrealism of the world. Lately, the integration of fired clay into my practice allows me to shape works that will last over time while being in direct contact with the earth. I am particularly interested in the physical imprint that is inscribed in matter as a testimony to the act of human creation." Alexandra Levasseur

Artwork by Alexandra Levasseur

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