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Clara Olivia Levesque is an aspiring Montreal artist working toward a career in art therapy. Along with the ethereal beauty discovered in nature, Clara is inspired by the authentic connection and storytelling established between people, their narrative, and their well-being. As a survivor of intimate partner violence, Clara is passionate and driven to use her artmaking as a platform for healing, fostering discussions, empowerment, and reclaiming identity. Utilizing various mediums, she finds hope through artmaking`s potential to heal whether it`s her own personal transformative journey, to assist other individuals, or aid on a communal level.

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Clara showcases human figure drawing and various elements of nature as harmonious in her artworks. She is especially drawn to fluid mediums such as poster color, gouache, and watercolor and then adds finishing touches with more controlled mediums such as brush pen and dry pastel. Clara often spends many hours outside sketching the outdoors and attending life drawing sessions. She later goes over these sketches and finds ways to incorporate them and tell a story through the complexity of human movement as well as the intricate biology of our ecosystem.

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