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Carlo Polidoro Lopez works on many art pieces at the same time. He is usually on the ground, recording time through an accidental and controlled process. This creative process allows for spontaneous, energetic expression while still controlling and molding the art to the desired result. He feeds off the imperfect marks -from the found material - creating by accident and follows its energy and visual conversation by adding his personal touch. 

His body of work is formed in the interest of materials and exploration of energy translating into his work. His works of art are created from found objects and expressed from the process of materiality. The display of the artworks acts as one living organism, even though they are naturally individual pieces because of the energy they portray. These pieces also have a street-like effect and everyday life in Ecuador and, in a bigger way, the South American societies from the marks, colors, and messages added instinctually. By working through instinct, it allows that visual description to take life.

He finds the beauty in creating Ruins of those memories, new experiences and filter what he experiences from his surroundings. These fragments still retain something of their origins, and when placed together in new juxtapositions and narratives, the fragments of ruin become reconstituted with life. He also has a light touch in how he accepts the ruin as it is and celebrates it. He changes and adds the found items/materials in his compositions and pieces along with fragmented texts and drawing/painting elements on some works, hinting at what each ruin he creates represents. Lopez creates art as a celebration of life and finds the positive even in the most difficult situations. His works are all about the celebration of his memories and life experiences.


Carlo Polidoro López was born in 1980, Canada but was raised in Ecuador for most of his childhood. He is based in Montreal, Quebec, and is currently in his 4th year at Concordia University in Montréal, finishing his degree in the fine arts program and completing his studies in 2022.

There are collections from his work in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Ecuador. As well, he has shown in a group show at Galerie Parfois, Skol Gallery, Vav Gallery (for the Art Matters and Art Souterrain Art Festival for two years now), Rialto Theater for the Archipelago show (Featured at CBC News with Nantali Indongo), interview for Panoram Italia Magazine by Jano Lapin, Canadian Pavilion (a show held by the Dean of Concordia U Fine Arts), Group show at Jano Lapin Gallery group show. Currently, he has his first-ever solo show at Galerie Laroche/Joncas at the beginning of 2021, and where he is now represented as an artist in that gallery.

photo credits to Jean Michael Seminaro

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