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Emma Maddock

Studio Oddball is a one-woman studio run by multi-disciplinary Canadian abstract artist Emma Maddock. Emma is from Ottawa originally but is now based in Montréal, where she paints, draws, and explores new ways of making art in her apartment/studio. She studied Computer Systems Engineering at Carleton University but works full-time pursuing her true passion as a professional artist. Her work tackles both the silly and the serious, with the goal of either making people smile and laugh, or sit in their feelings and think about their relationship with the world. She’s a regular at Ottawa and Montréal craft markets, where she sells prints, stickers, cards, shirts and more, all of her artwork or design. Emma continues to grow her audience, make bold art, and learn new techniques. To shop prints or inquire about custom work, visit and follow @studioddball on Instagram to keep up with her colourful work.

My creative process usually involves starting with matching up a feeling to a medium. I usually begin a concept in my mind for weeks to years before that moment, waiting for the right time and place to come out. As a multi-disciplinary artist, my process has many different approaches based on the medium. For painting, I usually try to paint what I feel, and I usually end up with many layers on the painting as I revise and modify meticulously. My drawings usually involve a reference picture or item that I try to interpret in my brain (lines, reference points) before I begin. Sometimes when I don't like a drawing I've done and want to salvage parts of it to try again, I end up doing collage-like work by cutting out those parts and pasting them on a new page. In general, I usually follow my whims to create new things from crazy ideas.

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