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Helene was born in La Rochelle, France, near the sea and wide open spaces. After studying Art History in Bordeaux and Art Appliqué in Paris, she became a freelance graphic designer. Always having the desire to create and do aesthetic research of all kinds, drawing and painting have gradually taken an essential place in her work. After Helene's arrival in Quebec and the discovery of its landscapes, it seemed natural for her to devote herself entirely 

to the artistic universe. Quebec is where she finds passion for getaways and nature, her contemplative character, and a certain attention to detail.

Creative Process:


"All my creations come from an encounter and my sensations during this encounter. Most of my creations are about landscapes and animals. These are themes that particularly affect me."

"I try to retain the atmosphere, the vibration of the colors, the smell, the freshness of the air, and the rustling of the leaves, and I try to make this moment last by painting it. I am looking for the luminosity of the colors, the effect they will produce side by side, and transparency. This is perhaps why I use watercolor in small touches which, placed next to each other, will form a more complex and vibrant colored whole. Each new work is both exciting and a bit intimidating, and with a bar of chocolate and good music, it's bliss!"

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Artwork by Hélène Monfort

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