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Moule is a multidisciplinary artist who has been based in Montreal for over 4 years. Known for her murals throughout the city, her works convey a message of feminism, social justice, ecology, gender and sexuality. Through her art, Moule is committed to representing and supporting all victims of the patriarchy's oppressive system. Her works are on a mission to redistribute love to her adelphs.

Profile picture credit : YANCY 

Creative Process:

Moule's artistic identity is found in the naivety and lightness of her line, an ode to creative freedom, sisterhood, and different bodies. How can we dismantle a society where everything looks the same? Moule's works are expressive and illustrative, these free, soft, distorted characters are audacious and call upon a common imagination linked to childhood, long arms, four fingers, and huge ears, they appeal to us by their humanity, their expressions, and their lives. 


Breaking stereotypes through drawing, without fitting into boxes. In the theoretical artistic and illustrative classes on the body and particularly those of women, there are exact proportions to follow, rules, a single representation - a school that reflects our society; a smooth, symmetrical and perfect flesh. If there is one thing that art allows us to do, it is to redefine a freer and more feminist world, which Moule is eager to do.

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