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Victoire Perez was born in France in 2000. She currently works and lives in Vancouver. 

She started painting at the age of 7 thanks to an experienced artist who shared her knowledge and technique in her studio where Victoire spent every afternoon for 8 years.

Her art reflects a part of her generation, street art as well as semi-realism and a challenge between the presence of completely opposite coloured lights.

Being a young woman in search of independence, she wanted to represent the power of the woman as well as her sensuality and her depth thanks to the presence of different tones and sources of light. She wanted to combine Japanese myths and real contemporary women. Japan is for her an inspiration both culturally and mythologically because of the idea it supports of women. Not wanting to shorten this idea to a culture or a nationality she painted several women in order to reinforce the exhaustive image she has. 

The message she wishes to convey through her art is the idea of power that does not stop at a body, existing everywhere in each individual. Not stopping only at the woman, she considers the presence of all kinds in her paintings to cross many ideas and emotions.


Victoire is a multidisciplinary artist. Having worked with different techniques such as graffiti, watercolour, oil painting, Chinese ink etc. She currently bases her collection on techniques using Graff,  Chinese ink, mortar and acrylic mainly. Behind many of her paintings are layers of supposed details and techniques that bring depth and strength to the subject matter.

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