Catherine Valente

poet & nature lover

Dry Leaf
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Dry Yellow Leaf


Catherine loves writing poetry and short stories. She recently finished a children's picture book and is currently seeking publication.


She lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, photographing the urban landscape and working on her craft. 

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She lives unhinged

with empty thoughts


whispering secrets 

no one can hear


endless days filled 

with madness


unable to breathe as 

she longs for silence

Sacred Longings


Nothing is sacred


I have a bittersweet craving 

to taste new pleasures


Days lost in a room 

filled with empty faces


Watching a clock tick 

against a grey wall of sorrow


Longing to be whole 


Free from this prison created

to sustain a life that doesn’t exist


My soul no longer misguided 

as I awaken from this dream 


Choosing to devour joy –

Enshrined by faith in the unknown


Everything is sacred 

Dry Leaf

Sunflower Daze


Standing tall,

I follow the sun.

As it warms my face,

honeybees perch 

upon my golden blooms

filling themselves with 

sweet nectar.

You see me smile 

while I play in fields,

wild - free.

My willowy petals dance

as I sway to the music

of the wind.

You walk towards me -

lost in my beauty.



A morning of solitude 

leaves me unable to dwell 

in this sanctuary

designed to fuel my soul.


I absorb the loneliness 

to sense its longing, 

aware others exist 

who feel this nothingness. 


Empty prayers wander aimlessly,

destined for one soul -

granted to another.

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