Here at MFF, we understand the importance of community.


With the help of our creative members, our network delivers community projects that bring us closer together. By combining the talents of our creators we are able to support communities when they need it most. For example, at the beginning of the winter season, we ask our textile artists to help us knit winter wear for shelters. We call upon our eco artists to help guide us during clean-up parties so that we make our communities cleaner. Mural artists colour our alleys and bring character to our streets. These are just a few examples of our community initiatives. 

 Below is a list of our current community projects. 



MFF Donation Bin

In 2021 MFF started the Donation Bin, an initiative to reduce waste and provide materials to creators in need. Members of the network are free to donate, exchange or claim items they need. The Donation Bin runs on the items circulating throughout the network, encouraging the notion that we are all connected and supporting each other ability to achieve collective success. To check out available items, please visit the bin.