Marjolaine Pruvost was born in France and has lived in Montreal for the past 4 years. 


After working for more than 8 years in HIV/AIDS community organizations, she decided to go back to craft, especially needlework. "I inherited my love of stitching from the women in my family, my grandmother, my aunt and my mom. Now, I get to express my values, rooted in feminism and human rights through cross-stitch. I also get to share colors and glitter, because I think they are important, too! "

Pruvost also has a passion for connecting with people through embroidery. "There are benefits to doing embroidery. It helped me cope with work-related stress during the pandemic."

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Creative Process:


“I look for inspiration in daily life and in pop culture from the late 90s, and early 00s. I enjoy the soft warm feeling of nostalgia I get from that era. I also love to explore the link between cross-stitch and pixel art. I am very attentive to words and expressions. I love a good short, dynamic punchline. I start by designing the pattern with digital software. To highlight the messages, I use bright colors, sparkles and pop visuals. Then, I get to embroidering, often on Aida cloth. The process of cross-stitching is very repetitive and quite meditative. As I am engaged in this process, my underlying wish is to pass the joy of cross-stitching on to others through DIY kits, for them to have their own unique experience.”