Welcome to our resource page!


Under the tab, you will find a list of up-to-date resources for funding, guidance, and opportunities. These resources are made available to help writers and artists expand their knowledge. These resources include a wide range of organizations, so please read the brief description of each category below. If there is a resource, you think we should have, please send us an email. 

1. Funding

Funding is one of the main challenges writers and artists face when it comes to pursuing their projects. These resources include government grants, scholarships, as well as co-op organizations.

2. Guidance

Guidance resources include organizations that offer assistance in helping you plan and finish a project. 

3. Opportunities

The opportunity resources include a wide range of literary magazines and art galleries calling for submissions. 

4. Communities

MFF is constantly striving to build a network that is inclusive to everyone. Here you will find additional resources for communities such as BIPOC, LGBTQ, and those with disabilities.