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Combining her love of art and music, Argy is a Canadian fine artist/illustrator and singer/songwriter currently living in Montreal. Her vision is to convey the world and its ups and downs through her art. Her inspiration comes from life events as well as the people and sights surrounding her. Argy’s greatest motivation is her passion and love for creation. She is proficient in a variety of mediums including traditional, digital and mixed-media art.

Creative Process:

Argy is an experimental artist in everything that she does. She loves to start her pieces off traditionally and then finish them digitally. Argy begins using an ink marbling technique and when she completes creating her textures, she allows the shape, movement and contours to tell her what the piece is meant to be. Finally, when the textures have been dried and set on the rice paper, she draws the rest in digitally and finishes the piece. She enjoys the whole process as it doesn't ever feel limiting in any way. The lack of control is what creates the art and what makes it so captivating. Often, we focus too much on tiny details, in this way Argy is able to create raw pieces with the intention of evoking emotion and shining a light on certain subject matters.


The following 10 pieces are from Argy's experimental mixed media collection titled Whirlwind.


Whirlwind draws attention to feelings of grief, dread, anxiety, depression, hopelessness and tragedy that often accompany mental health disorders. Through a series of multiple experimental pieces with a shared colour palette, mood and technique, this thesis hopes to shine a light on these feelings and bring about awareness among those who have never experienced them.

AS_gallery mockup.png

Whirlwind: Mixed Media Collection

Artwork by Argy Stroubakis