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Trang Ta is a Vietnamese artist living in Montreal after years of adventures in other lands. She is currently enrolled in an Art Education program which will help her work towards a degree in Art Therapy in the future. Her approach to the multidisciplinary practice she does often promotes values of handicraft and union with nature without costing the Earth. Through the natural elements found in her everyday life, Trang’s hand-crafted art offers a window into her dreamy, emotional and tranquil universe. Her drawings and prints on handmade recycled paper are often conveyed in an honest and amiable style, and so are her stick n’ poke tattoo designs.

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Creative Process


Trang’s creative process is often therapeutic and mindful as it allows her and any other participants to self-ground through a hands-on approach. It is a gentle reminder for her viewer to return to nature, purity, balance and simplicity, focusing on using readily available re- and upcyclable resources found in one’s environment to make art. To Trang, creativity isn’t only embodied in the aesthetic and emotional elements of the artwork but also in its methodologies, its conceptual history, and its roots. Essentially, art making is her approach to understanding one’s self not just in the emotional but also spiritual depth, and ultimately helps express the self in order to heal. She believes that it is a continual process until the end of one’s existence.

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