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Resources for Artists


1. The Arts and the City Awards- Les Arts et la Vie-  NEW

"The Arts and the City Awards aim to encourage the cultural vitality of communities and promote good practices in this area. They express recognition of the commitment of the driving forces of communities to make culture a vector of sustainable development. They contribute to the realization of cultural projects that play an active role in the continuous improvement of the quality of life of"



2. Call for Applications- Quai 5160 – Maison de la culture de Verdun - NEW

"Quai 5160 – Maison de la culture de Verdun invites visual artists to submit a file to create ephemeral ground frescoes in the Verdun Cultural District for the summer of 2023."





3. Poste Audio - Centre Clark - NEW

"Centre CLARK invites artists, collectives, and curators to submit proposals for sound projects for the Poste audio’s component of its annual programming. Selected projects will be presented from October 2023 to June 2024." 


4. Presentation Activities Assistance Program - OBORO - NEW

"Assistance to presentation activities takes the form of access to equipment and services of the New Media Lab at reduced rates. This program is dedicated to supporting not-for-profit projects that are in accordance with OBORO’s mandate. Deadline May 31, 2023

5. Call for Projects 2024 Festival - Art Souterrain - NEW

"Art Souterrain officially launches its call for projects for the 16th edition of the festival which will take place in 2024. Deadline to apply: June 30, 2023

6. Call for Submissions - OPTICA 

"Every year, OPTICA presents a varied program of exhibitions, symposia, and artists’ talks, while investing in curated exhibitions on themes developed at the centre. These activities all propose a critical reflection on current issues in art, sustained and accompanied by the production of relevant publications."

7. Call for Submissions - Yiara Magazine 

"We are looking for any variety of work, written or visual. Submissions are open to everyone."

8. Call for Submissions - Existere Journal of Arts & Literature


1. Explore and Create - The Canada Council for the Arts - NEW
This program advances Canadian artistic practices by encouraging artists to investigate creative processes and take risks that lead to the development of unique works destined to connect with the public. Explore and Create supports the research, development, creation and production of work, as well as professional development for artists." *Deadlines vary.

2. Supporting Artistic Practice - The Canada Council for the Arts - NEW
"Supporting Artistic Practice encourages a dynamic support system for the arts in Canada by funding Canadian arts professionals, groups, and arts organizations who champion the Canadian arts sector, boost the capacity for artists to realize work and advance the conditions of creation. Supporting Artistic Practice contributes to the growing network of resources available to strengthen the arts and inspires sector innovation by supporting collaboration, targeted initiatives and career development opportunities for Canadian arts professionals."

3. Arts Across Canada - The Canada Council for the Arts - NEW
Arts Across Canada fosters meaningful relationships and exchanges between artists and the Canadian public. Artists, arts professionals, groups and arts organizations can apply to present and share artistic work with diverse communities across the country, engage more deeply with the public and develop a stronger national profile. Festivals and other presenters can apply to highlight the work of Canadian and international artists and contribute to the growing dialogue and exchange on the arts in Canada."

4. Arts Abroad - The Canada Council for the Arts - NEW
"Arts Abroad celebrates the creativity, innovation and excellence of Canadian artists by helping to bring Canadian works to the world. This program supports artists, arts professionals, groups and organizations to enhance international exposure, undertake artistic exploration or exchanges with international colleagues, and nurture new and existing art markets in a global context."

5. Manitoba Arts Council Grants - Manitoba Arts Council - NEW"The Manitoba Arts Council funds the creation and sharing of arts and culture for the benefit of all Manitobans." (Multiple Grants Available)

6. Grants for Artists - Winnipeg ArtsCouncil - NEW"The Winnipeg Arts Council provides funding to professional artists through the following multidisciplinary grant programs." (Multiple Grants Available)

7. Saskatchewan Arts Board - NEW
(Multiple Grants Available)

8. Individual Arts Awards: Visual Artists - British Columbia Arts Council - NEW
"Individual Arts Awards: Visual Artists assists professional visual artists, contemporary and traditional craft artists, and independent critics and curators with the creation of specific projects."
*2023 Applications opening soon

9. Professional Project Grants - ArtsNL (Arts Newfoundland and Labrador) - NEW
"The Professional Project Grants Program (PPGP) is available to Individual Professional Artists, Collaborations of Individual Professional Artists, and Professional Arts Groups. This program supports the creation and/or presentation of works of art in the disciplines of dance, film, music, multidisciplinary arts, theatre, visual arts, or writing. Grants support project costs related to creation, production, administration, travel, professional development, etc."

10. The Creation Grant - Arts NB (New Brunswick - NEW
"The Creation Grant program is designed to provide assistance to professional New Brunswick artists for the research, development and execution of original projects in the arts. Creation Grants are intended to allow artists to devote some or most of their time to research and creative production."

11. Arts Nova Scotia Grants - Arts Nove Scotia - NEW
"As the provincial funding agency that provides support to professional artists, arts organizations, arts education programs, and several important art awards and prizes, Arts Nova Scotia offers a wide variety of investment opportunities." (Multiple Grants and Programs Available / Various Deadlines)

12. All Grants and Programs - Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec - NEW



1. Never Apart 

"Never Apart is a non-profit organization in Montréal, Québec, Canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through art, culture, and music events." - Never Apart

2. ELAN - English Language Arts Network

"The English-Language Arts Network (ELAN) is a not-for-profit organization that connects, supports, and creates opportunities for Quebec’s English-speaking artists and arts communities." - ELAN

3. YES Montreal

"As a not-for-profit organization, YES enriches the community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses." - YES Montreal