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The Donation Bin initiative was launched by MFF in 2021 to promote sustainability and support creators in need by providing them with necessary materials. Participants in the network have the option to donate, exchange, or claim items as per their requirements. By circulating items within the network, the Donation Bin emphasizes the idea of interconnectedness and fosters mutual support, thereby contributing to the collective success of all members.

*We want to make the Donation Bin more accessible. We are currently setting up a Crowdfunding campaign to construct physical bins in Montreal, Quebec. To read more about our plan, visit the document here

Donations can be made using this link.

Donation Bin Form

* Items are first come first served.


*Please note that listed items change based on availability. We generally make an announcement on our social media platforms (Instagram) whenever we get new items. 


* Whenever you claim an item, you must arrange for pick up or a mutual meeting spot.


* If you need assistance obtaining a specific item, please feel free to send us an email at Although we cannot guarantee we will find the item, we will reach out to community partners for additional support. 

I want to claim items

Thank you! We will get back to you shortly!

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