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Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features:

At MFF, we showcase talented artists and writers in our network every month through our features. Our features provide a platform for creators to connect with each other and showcase their work. Each feature includes a biography, insights into the creator's creative process, and a visual showcase of their amazing work.

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Trang Ta

Updates / News

ExploreVerdun- IDS
MFF News Article

Thank you, ExploreVerdun - IDS, for this delightful news article. Last week, we held a Fall Market in Verdun that drew a significant crowd from the local community. At MFF, fostering strong community connections and backing talented artists is an integral part of our mission. We look forward to expanding our network and organizing more events in Verdun in the future. To read the full article visit the link here.


MFF x Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
2023 Exhibition

As part of the MFF x Théâtre Sainte-Catherine 2023 Exhibition, we are excited to feature our next artist, The Noise Witch.

Click here to read more.

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Events Calendar:

We're delighted to present our events calendar, which provides all the up-to-date details about our upcoming pop-ups, shows, and collaborations. 

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