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Frankie's Fashion Show


Bright green poster with the words 'Frankie's Fashion Show, Call for Artists and Talent, Deadline to apply is March 1, 2024)

The purpose of our fashion show is to provide a dynamic stage for the LGBTQIA+ community, highlighting creative expressions of identity and pushing against conventional gender norms in the fashion world. Our goal is to promote inclusivity, the freedom to be oneself, and the power of self-expression by showcasing the diverse talents of emerging artists. This event is dedicated to dismantling stereotypes and offering a platform for artists to reshape and rethink the limits of fashion. Through our mission, we aim to inspire, celebrate, and enrich the diverse tapestry of LGBTQIA+ narratives within the Montreal community.

We express our gratitude to L'Asterisk for their generous support in funding this event. We are genuinely thankful for the valuable opportunity they have provided us.

Textile Artists


McKenna Morrissey

Matinda Kamuena


Jewelry Artists


Allegra Hu

Makeup Artist:


Graphic Designer:



Sierra Duffey

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