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MFF x Collective 4891

Roots : A Zine

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ROOTS, a collaborative initiative between MFF and Collective 4891, unfolds as a poignant zine which focuses on illustrating how members of a particular culture or community navigate challenges with resilience and cultural steadfastness. This community-driven project strives to capture the strength, unity, and inherent beauty that arise when communities converge during difficult times. Through this inclusive project. ROOTS aspires to spark inspiration, foster education, and cultivate empathy by sharing experiences that root us. 

By inviting submissions that range from poetry and prose to visual art and photographs, we encourage students and other members of the community to take part in the radical healing of collective art-making, while also providing opportunities for (often first-time) publishing, mentorship, and guidance for those with limited experience. In addition, print copies of the zine will be distributed in exchange for donation receipts to organizations of the individual’s choice in a further effort to cultivate our values of community care and mutual aid.

*While contributions from all walks of life are welcome, we actively encourage and prioritize the narratives of BIPOC, SWANA, and LGBTQ+ voices. The artwork should reflect on how communities and culture influence healing, growth, and coping during challenging times, including war and social or political conflict.

Please note that we highly encourage non-artists and non-visual artists to apply. We believe that art is a birthright and deserves to be shared regardless of who you are and your experience level. We also love and encourage collaborations, so reach out to your friends! Collaboration pieces can be applied with a single application. In this case, each artist will get separate honorariums.


In appreciation of your contribution, we are committed to compensating each artist with a minimum of $50 (anticipating more) as we secure 2024 grants. Honorariums, based on grants, may take the form of art stores and Etsy coupons. If artists require financial assistance for necessities such as groceries and rent rather than gift cards, they are encouraged to contact us, and the collective is committed to covering the costs of their honorariums.

If you need accessibility support on applying for this form, feel free to reach out to us at and/or

* Deadline Extension: February 19, 2024

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