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"I have always been an avid fan (and maker) of analog paper collage. I’m fascinated by the weird brain states the medium provokes in viewers, as the mass-produced print ephemera of disposable consumer culture assembles to create new and unique visual experiences. 


My most recent showings were at the Van Der Plas Gallery in the lower east side of Manhattan, as part of its Vor Kunst exhibit, in November of 2020, and again as part of its Summer Salon showing, in August of 2021; at the Galeria Start, in Warsaw (Poland), as part of their World Absurdist exhibit in Spring of 2021; and at the Divulgarti Gallery in Genoa (Italy), as part of the Loredana Trestin curated the exhibit "Il Bivio" ("The Crossroads") in June and July of 2021."

- jay hodgson

analog collages

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