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Sensitive, open-minded, and involved, Morgane is a growing young artist-photographer. Her unique portraits and artistic work are tinted with a lightness and sweetness that soothes the soul. Creating links with each of her models, she manages to represent them with simplicity and sensitivity. She also uses the photographic medium as a means of expression and uses it to defend social causes close to her heart, such as body diversity. One photo at a time, Morgane lifts the veil on many taboos, such as nudity, menstruations, and mental health issues.

Creative Process:


When I have an idea, whether it’s a photo idea or a concept (most of the time), I think about it day and night. I can think about it for days, weeks, months, or years. It’s as if my concept is becoming ubiquitous in my head. So I spend my days normally, but always have in mind my main idea, my project. I saved photos, I take pictures of things that inspire me, I write, I visualize, and I also draw. Everything can inspire me, whether it is people, objects, light, colors, etc. I also do a lot of research if the topic lends itself to it, eg menstruation. Then when I feel ready, when I feel like I’ve gathered enough ideas and information, I go for it. When these are more fashion or portrait photos, I will generally shoot a single day. But when it’s a more elaborated project, it can last days, weeks, months, or even years. I get up and think about my plans, eat, and think about my art. Then I often go to bed thinking about it even harder. Despite my growing love for photography, I still have room for my other projects and passions. I find that everything around us can be inspiring. We just need to pay special attention to it or have a different perspective on what is around us.


Photos by Morgane Julliand

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